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A tour of Edinburgh is a fabulous way to experience this exciting city:

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The city today has kept the old and added the new. See it in the contrasting Old and New Towns, divided by one of the largest city centre parks in Europe - Princes Street Gardens. It preserved all the darkness and mystery of the past, but made it charming - like the Ghost and Ghouls Historic tour.

Don’t miss to focus your exploration tour on the cosy narrow streets of the old town. When you land on the territory of the Scottish capital – witness the majestic hill that dominates the city and the 10 centuries old Edinburgh. Witness impressive artworks, furnishings, and memories from distant époques. And most of all, do not forget to look around when going out of the castle - the views on the city are overwhelming.

Don’t miss the Royal Mile, representing the oldest part of the city, starting from the Castle and ending at the Palace of Holyrood house. One of the best ways to experience it is to take the Ghosts and Ghouls tour, which follows the same route.

There are lots of museums that need to be seen. Mandatory is the People's Story, also located in the Old Town. After the historic walk in the Old Town, go just a few yards to the north, crossing the marvellous Princes Street Gardens, and you will be in the New Town - with many highlights not to be missed - the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, the Scott Monument on Princes Street, the National Gallery and the Royal Scottish Academy. A good end for your new town adventure is Castle Street - it ensures marvellous views to the Castle and the volcanic cliffs.